In rapidly changing environment of 21st century…… it is of utmost importance to promote the learning of reflective strategies to give students the confidence to become independent and long life learners. Weak basic skills should not become a barrier to understand one’s potential. To respect the aspects of Dyslexia and other Learning difficulties, to recognise the difficulties associated with it range from minimal to severe and to give them equal opportunities in life.

iSEN ensures that your kid has the right kind of support right from screening and consultation to effective learning methods.


Screening includes the use of reliable and standardised tests to identify the learning difficulty and the severity of the same. Early identification of the same is necessary to bring an effective improvement in the learning of the child.

At iSEN, we are able to screen children as young as 4 years of age.


iSEN provides the kids with an appropriate amount of learning support in the form of structured literacy plans which are tailored to meet subjective needs.

These strategies and skills developed in the individual literacy lessons are personalised, keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses so that they can be effectively transferred to other areas of the curriculum. With the help of ICT, we also get an insight into the child’s metacognition.


We ensure that the teachers are not only aware of the learning difficulties but also are well equipped in the identification of them at the earliest. With in-depth training of the teachers, we ensure that the schools acknowledge kids with LD and encourage more inclusive learning environments.


Humans are equipped with basic strategies to deal with difficulties and most of the time we are able to fight against the odds. However, at times, our coping strategies no longer yield the expected results and during such times professional help is needed to get our life back on track.

Counselling is a safe space to hear yourself think out loud about your life, express how you’re really feeling and discuss concerns and worries with someone who won’t judge you. At iSEN, you can get the help of our professional counsellor for anything that disturbs your normal flow of life.


Our teaching strategies are a combination of a Multisensory approach along with the use of assistive technologies.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy includes learning through all the sensory experiences, which entail touch, smell, vision, sound as well as movement. We also inculcate the use of Brain Gym along with other exercises which stimulate the senses and link up the brain.

Literacy Programme

The Literacy Programme facilitates phonological awareness, vocabulary and numeracy skills, comprehension enhancement, structuring of sentences, developing reading readiness and encouraging children to think out of the box. Various ICT based multi-sensory programs along with audio-visuals, worksheets, role plays and group interactions are all a part of this learning program.

Speed Up

Speed Up is a carefully structured kinesthetic programme highly recommended by pediatric occupational therapists, that focuses on movements to develop handwriting fluency and speed. It promotes writing rhythms and patterns laying emphasis on fine motor exercises and activities.

Emotional Intelligence / Quotient (EQ)

EQ allows you to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them. It is deemed more important than IQ and a strong EQ is often categorised as a major cause of success in life.

The EQ programme covers the six areas of Emotional Competency such as Self Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Empathy, Motivation and Self-Competency.

Memory Booster Program

The Memory Booster program focuses on improving memory and retention skills. The structured activities in this program require children to utilize their memory to a great extent.

When practiced regularly it can help them gain valuable skills and techniques aiding them to remember things throughout their lives as well as enhancing mental alertness.